Geosoft acQuire

Geosoft acQuire

acQuire is an auxiliary software for managing mining and exploration information. Different industries such as mining, energy, environmental development and… use different tools and solutions to model, analyze and simulate research data, but ultimately all of these solutions require general decisions and the selection of a suitable solution from the mass volume. From the results. This program can help experts as a partner and partner in control, safety and estimation decisions and issues.

In fact, this program is a data management system that, by providing a relational database, acts as a central repository for technical and operational data in drilling and exploration processes. The program also measures the quality of the data and how well they relate to each other and is able to provide rich reports of valid data. One of the most important issues in mining and trading companies, both from a technical and legal point of view, is maintaining the integrity and integrity of the data.

Historically, many organizations have typically had weak data retention systems that often face large inconsistencies and inconsistencies. In these organizations, data deletion, lack of important data, various errors are common and sometimes accepted. But in the present age, governments and industries increasingly need a higher level of standard reporting. acQuire is designed for exactly that purpose. This program is the optimal solution for storing and submitting standard reports.

Launched in 1996 as a GIM support package for mine exploration and research management, the program now boasts more than 450 major projects around the world after celebrating its 20th anniversary. Due to its commitment to excellence, the company spends 20 to 25 percent of its net revenue each year researching, developing, and developing software solutions. The company currently has more than 7 offices in several important countries and has hosted and guided major projects around the world.

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Copy, run and apply the patch file from the Crack folder in the software installation location.

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