GeoStru Products 2019-04-02

GeoStru Products 2019-04-02

GeoStru MDC is a software product for designing, analyzing reinforced concrete retaining walls. Geotechnical calculations have used the standard method of geotechnics to select users and perform the approvals prescribed by the standard selection. MDC is a simple software with amazing features such as: pre-design, easy management of GEO, STR, GLOBAL STABILITY combinations, automatic localization and import of seismic parameters, dynamicfield displacement analysis and 3D display.

Features and specifications of GeoStru MDC software:

  • Reinforced concrete wall
  • Gravity Wall
  • Wall support in columns or small columns
  • Stair wall at the top
  • Forces on the wall: FX, FY, MZ at n points
  • Layered area
  • Sloping ground on the uphill and downhill side
  • Water or limited layers of water
  • Assistant editor with 3D display
  • Global sustainability analysis using various methods such as: Fellenius, Bishop, Janbu, Bell, Sarma, Morgenstern & Price, DEM, Zeng Liang
  • Three-dimensional view of stabilization and stratigraphy
  • Optimization of reinforcement calculation algorithm for walls with stepped sections
  • Integration in the force diagram
  • Pressure chart correction, bearing capacity integration, calculation report
  • Implementation of Hansen method to calculate bearing resistance
  • Implement a new command for advanced management of wall outline coordinates
  • Import files from static and dynamic exploration. Files can be entered into the workspace with direct commands or by simple drag-and-drop operations.
  • Correction of drift increase diagram due to earthquake
  • Use the load at different heights of the ground

Installation guide

See the Readme.txt file.

Download link (new versions at the top of the list)

Download GeoStru RSL-III 2019.20.5.541 Fixed

Download GeoStru RS-SEC EN 2019.2.0.729

Download GeoStru Edifici CA 2019.15.0.999

Download GeoStru Formula 2019.7.3.425

Download GeoStru Liquiter 2019.20.4.780

Download GeoStru_Loadcap 2018.26.2.845

Download GeoStru_MP 2018.16.2.9041

Download GeoStru_GeoUtility 2018.12.0.731

Download GeoStru_Slope 2018.25.6.1275

Download GeoStru_Products 2016 MegaPack

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