Get the MIME type of a file in delphi

Get the MIME type of a file in delphi

// Get the MIME type of a file

This code is useful if you are creating a webserver program.
It’s very simple, just input the extension of a file and the
function returns the MIME type of that file.

mimetypes.RES is the compiled resource file that contains a string
table with 641 different MIME types.

mimetypes.rc is the source file of mimetypes.RES, you can add more
types to this and compile it using brcc32
// *****************************************************************)

{$R mimetypes.RES}

function GetMIMEType(FileExt: string): string;
I: Integer;
S: array[0..255] of Char;
MIMEStart = 101;
// ID of first MIME Type string (IDs are set in the .rc file
// before compiling with brcc32)
MIMEEnd = 742; //ID of last MIME Type string
Result := ‘text/plain’;
// If the file extenstion is not found then the result is plain text
for I := MIMEStart to MIMEEnd do
LoadString(hInstance, I, @S, 255);
// Loads a string from mimetypes.res which is embedded into the
// compiled exe
if Copy(S, 1, Length(FileExt)) = FileExt then
// “If the string that was loaded contains FileExt then”
Result := Copy(S, Length(FileExt) + 2, 255);
// Copies the MIME Type from the string that was loaded
// Breaks the for loop so that it won’t go through every
// MIME Type after it found the correct one.