get your hacked Instagram account back
Instagram account

get your hacked Instagram account back

hacked Instagram account

If you have just found out that your Instagram account has been hacked, in this article we will teach you ways to protect your Instagram and get rid of the trap of cyber criminals.

Yesterday you uploaded some photos on Instagram and exchanged comments with a number of your friends, but apparently there is a problem now. You try to log in to Instagram as usual but you are not allowed access. After a quick search online, you’ll notice that account Instagram, you hack it. In this article, we will teach you ways to protect your Instagram and not let it fall into the trap of cyber criminals.

How do we know that our Instagram profile has been hacked?

– You can not log in to your Instagram account , even if you are 100% sure that you entered the information correctly.

– You see photos on your Instagram account that you did not upload at all.

– You notice that you are logging in to profiles that you do not know at all.

How to restore your account

About one billion users use Instagram every month, making it a tempting target for hackers. If you notice strange things happening on your account , immediately suspend access to suspicious third-party apps, change your password, and enable the two-step authentication system.

When someone tries to change their Instagram password or email, the app will send you a confirmation email. You can ignore this change and stop the attacker from trying to take over your Instagram profile .

To restore and recover a stolen account , on the Android login page, tap Get help signing in, and on iOS, tap? Forgot password and follow the instructions. If you are still unable to recover your account , report the problem to Instagram . Identify and verify your identity when contacted.

But how is an Instagram account hacked?

1- Avoid connecting to Instagram via Facebook

There are many users who use Facebook to log in to Instagram or other apps, but this is one of the biggest mistakes a user can make. If your Facebook login information is leaked, hackers can take control of all your Facebook accounts in the blink of an eye . Create a separate login for each account you have, this can prevent potential problems in the future.

2. Use a strong password

Always use a strong password, this password should be a set of special letters, numbers and characters. For maximum security of Instagram , we suggest that you use password management programs. These programs create strong passwords and keep them secure. Do not forget to change your passwords from time to time. This method is one of the best possible ways to maintain cyber cleanliness.

3. Do not talk to strangers

Users are easily caught phishing on Instagram , so never click on links you receive from strangers. If you notice that a suspicious account is following you, block it.

4. Activate two-step authentication

Two-step authentication is an additional step in the login process. Whenever you want to access your account , you have to type in the code that you receive via SMS or the authentication app. This may seem tedious and tedious, and may make the login process a bit longer, but it’s worth activating because it adds an extra layer of security to your account.

5 – Do not see Instagram posts on other platforms

There are many posts online that include Instagram photos and videos . When you click on them, you will be redirected to the main post. But beware of these links, sometimes hackers create fake login pages for Instagram to steal your password. If you feel that the redirected website looks suspicious, do not click on any of the links and do not log in to your account.

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