GetData Recover My Files Professional Edition

GetData Recover My Files Professional Edition


GetData Recover My Files is a powerful software for recovering deleted files. If you accidentally deleted a file, you have emptied the Windows Recycle Bin and now you realize that you should not have done so! You have formatted the drive incorrectly, you have used the partitioning software incorrectly and you have lost your data, the system hard drive has crashed and your important data has become inaccessible and many other problems. Developers have come up with solutions to these problems, one of which is GetData Recover My Files.

This program tries to recover your files for whatever reason they were deleted. A hard drive is a piece of hardware from which it is not easy to securely wipe data! In fact, when you delete a file or shift + delete, you only ask Windows to remove the location of this file from the reservation mode and allow other files to use this space. At this point, if the location of this file is not changed by other data, the possibility of recovering that file is very high.

Therefore, it is recommended that as soon as data is removed from your system, turn off the system and, ideally, disconnect your hard drive from the system to block all data transactions with the hard drive, in fact when your data It is removed from the hard drive, every time you turn on the system and work with the operating system reduces the possibility of recovering your data. This software also has the ability to recover files that have been deleted from the system due to viruses, worms and other malware. The user interface of this program is designed to be very simple and to guide the user step by step in recovering the file.

Features and Features of GetData Recover My Files:

  •  Recover data from anywhere (hard drive, memory card, flash, floppy disk, iPod, etc.)
  • Recover files even if they have been removed from the Trash
  • Restore files from formatted drives, or even after installing Windows
  • Recover files that have been deleted due to a hard drive crash
  • Ability to restore all types of files including images, music, video and…
  • Supports all types of NTFS, FAT (12/16/32), exFAT, HFS, HFS + formats

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