Gexcon FLACS 9.0

Gexcon FLACS 9.0

FLACS is a comprehensive yet simple tool for 3D modeling of the explosion, scattering and emission of toxic gases and flammable materials. FLACS is in fact used as an industry standard for modeling the explosion and combustion of flammable materials using computational fluid dynamics, which seeks to provide better physical security for industrial environments. The program is widely used in the oil and gas industry and increasingly in the nuclear industry, which has the potential to explode and disperse dust and toxic substances.

This software uses CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to model and combine it with 3D graphics capabilities to accurately predict the consequences and damage, as well as the ability to predict and display the side effects of these consequences such as compaction and flood and …. Has. Better understanding and accuracy of results not only increase the level of security, but also allow designers to make reliable and accurate design options, thus both improving security and effectively reducing final costs.

Features of FLACS:

  • Ability to integrate explosion modeling and dispersion of gases and toxic substances
  • Display the consequences of accidents in a completely three-dimensional way
  • Manual and efficient editing of geometric structures
  • Two-phase modeling
  • Investigation of gaseous compounds
  • Transient event modeling (time dependent)
  • Includes side effects and assessment of preventive operations
  • Valid and accurate results
  • Different methods for displaying results (2D, 3D, animation, text output)
  • Better understanding of phenomena
  • Comprehensive software guide

Installation guide

After installing, copy and replace the files in the patched folder in the program installation location and in the bin folder.

Default path:

C: \ Program Files (x86) \ GexCon \ FLACS_v9.0 \ bin

This version was installed on 9D95 on 64-bit Windows 10 and successfully activated.

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