Gibraltar VistaDB 5.7.4 for Visual Studio 2017

Gibraltar VistaDB 5.7.4 for Visual Studio 2017

VistaDB is one of the top, most powerful and most advanced database building engines in which the most important software of the database management system, SQL, is embedded. The operation of this engine does not require any special register or complex configuration on the end-user system (End-User Machine) and it can be placed in the same directory as its applications or it can be installed on the GAC. Another way to deploy and deploy VistaDB is to embed it entirely in your executable EXE using Microsoft ILMerge, allowing the add-on to be deployed and deployed as a single file.

Features of VistaDB:

– Easy to use

– Can be used for both 32 and 64 bit systems

– Powerful support for single-user and multi-user mode

– Full compatibility with Multi-Thread processes

– Row layout and lockable table layout

– Transaction support

– Support for UDF and TSQL stored processes

– CLR trends and triggers

– Full text search

– FIPS-compliant AES encryption

– Diagnostic logging

Installation guide

Use the patch file in the Crack folder to register the software. Run as run as admin.

download link

Download Gibraltar_VistaDB_5.7.4

Download VistaDB_5.6.8_for_Visual_Studio_2017

Download Gibraltar_VistaDB_5.5.3

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