GitKraken Pro 8.4.0 Windows / Linux / macOS
GitKraken Pro

GitKraken Pro 8.4.0 Windows / Linux / macOS


GitKraken Pro is a powerful Git client that supports very important features such as a fully graphical and simplified user interface and a command-line interface (CLI) at the same time. Gate is a software version management system and most important development and programming process management used by various teams.

By default, Gate does not support the graphical user interface and runs in the command line environment, but with the help of this software, the user can use a very simple and at the same time intuitive user interface to perform many processes visually and in View different diagram formats and gain more flexibility from Gate’s powerful tools. This software supports all major operating systems and is compatible with almost all devices and hardware and software architectures.

It is possible to easily switch between the terminal and the user interface and use any of the mentioned tools according to the desired taste and application. This tool supports almost all version management systems such as GateHub, BitBack, GitLab, and و and has high flexibility.

It is very easy to view the history of committees and changes in each of them in this software and it will be presented to the user in a completely visual and graphitized format along with time and date. All categories and directories are visually displayed to you and you can see the whole of a project at a glance. Not only can you see the changes made in a repo, but you can also be notified of the time and user of the modifier. With the help of these graphs and integrated graphs, software management, troubleshooting, and debugging will be very simple and fast.

Features and specifications of GitKraken Pro software

  • Powerful terminal and fully compatible with the gate
  • Ability to switch between the terminal and repo tabs
  • Simple and 100% graphical user interface
  • Show commits in a completely visual way and in the form of graphs
  • Display history and user in each comet and repo
  • View directories and directories with graphs
  • Default and powerful Merge tool for resolving conflicts (conflict)
  • Build and professionally manage Pull requests
  • Ability to go back and forth for troubleshooting (Undo)
  • Full support for version management systems such as GateHub, BitBack, GateLab, Azure DevOps

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System requirements for GitKraken Pro software

  • Windows 10
  • Mac OS X 10.9+ (up to and including OS X El Capitan) / macOS Sierra or later
  • Ubuntu LTS 18.04 or later



GitKraken Pro

GitKraken Pro software installation guide

Follow the instructions in the Readme.txt file.

download link

Download GitKraken Pro 8.4.0 x86
Download GitKraken Pro 8.4.0 x64
Download GitKraken Pro 8.4.0 Linux64
Download GitKraken Pro 8.4.0 Linux64 Debian
Download GitKraken Pro 8.4.0 Linux64 RPM
Download GitKraken Pro 8.4.0 macOS Intel
Download GitKraken Pro 8.4.0 macOS Apple silicon
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