Glary Utilities Pro Multilingual

Glary Utilities is a set of tools for repairing, speeding up, maintaining and protecting your computer. This software offers many tools to users in orderly categories and in the form of a single graphical interface. Over time, many unused or temporary files are released throughout Windows, but unfortunately Windows has not provided a suitable solution for automatic removal of these files. For example, when you uninstall a program, Windows does not seem to remove all traces of that program from the registry or other parts of Windows. In these cases, it is necessary to use tools to delete these extra files. Glary Utilities does this well.

This program has the ability to delete unused registry keys , Windows search history, browser history, cache information, and more. Currently, this software is able to identify and clear unused information related to 45 other software. All extensions and plugins installed on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and و browsers can be disabled or removed. You can analyze your hard disk space and identify or delete large files and folders.

You can identify duplicate files in different ways and delete a copy if needed. In addition to the cleaning capabilities, this software has tools to optimize your device’s RAM, with one button you can empty the RAM to dramatically increase the speed of Windows. You can identify and remove dead shorts. You can disable or delete programs that run automatically on Windows.

Delete files irreversibly

One of the useful clouds in this software is safe file delete. You can easily right-click on the file and select the safe delete option. Files deleted in this way will not be recovered unlike normal Windows deletion. So if you are going to repair or sell your device hard drive. After copying your important information, you can safely delete it so that you do not worry about not recovering the deleted information. This software has other tools that we prefer you to check yourself. The Glary Utilities user interface is very simple and beautifully designed, and access to its various tools is easy. You can also download the portable version of this program from the download now and use the capabilities of this program on any system without the need to install it.

Glary Utilities Features and Features:

  • Simple and compact graphical interface
  • Delete junk files, empty folders
  • Identify duplicate files and delete them
  • Removes unused registry keys and clears them again
  • Ability to remove dead shorts
  • Ability to fix Start menu errors
  • Manage Windows startup programs with the ability to delete and disable them
  • RAM optimizer and automatic memory clearing
  • Ability to delete search history, cookies, cache and… from 45 different applications
  • Ability to safely delete files
  • Internet Explorer plugin management tool
  • Disk analysis tool to identify large files and folders
  • Ability to completely remove programs from the system
  • Manage context menu and delete and add items

Installation guide

Use the information in the Readme.txt file to register the software.

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