GNS Animator4 v2.1.2 Windows / Linux

GNS Animator4 v2.1.2 Windows / Linux

Animator4 is an innovative and post-processing software for FEM analysis that is able to manage a wide range of finite element models. This software is based on 20 years of experience working on professional projects in the automotive industry and is an evolved version of Animator3. The first versions of this software were made specifically for manufacturers such as Audi and Volkswagen in the 90s, and then attracted the attention of other engineering companies.

Animator4 software is a comprehensive animation tool for managing large finite element models that allows the proper use of system resources. This software provides many professional capabilities for evaluating and validating the results of the most complex calculations and allows you to easily perform your own analysis. You can animate your models with the help of professional tools and display the simulation of the results in the form of graphic presentations to car designers.

Features and Features of Animator4:

  • FEM analysis
  • Management of finite element models
  • Proper utilization of system resources
  • Evaluate and validate the results of the most complex calculations
  • Perform multiple analyzes
  • Animation of models
  • Simulation of results in the form of graphical presentations

Installation guide

Listed in the Readme.txt file.

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