Gold Miner Adventure 1.0.4 for Android +2.3

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Gold Miner Adventure is a very popular game that has already been released on various operating systems. Now, the Android version of this game has also been released, in which the pleasure of playing has multiplied. In this game you have to dig a lot of land and extract gold and precious stones to earn a lot of money, you also need to use various items placed in the game to access these resources. And do your best to get past the dynamites and bombs placed in the way. In this game, you must collect the required gold and coins at each stage before your time runs out.

Features and Features of Gold Miner Adventure:

– Has 4 different worlds, 100 new stages and adding more stages as an update to the game
– Has high graphics and smooth animations
– Different goals while playing, earn gold and diamonds and avoid dynamite and bombs
– Gold, Gemstones, diamonds and more treasures
– has various capabilities with progress in the game, such as: Lucky leaf, Power drink, Goldmine book, Stone book, Diamond digger book, Dynamite, Miner Lamp Timer.
– Play with friends on Facebook and view the scoreboard
– Has additional tools in the game such as: magic bags, dynamite, mouse, fish, fish bone, dinosaur bone, bottle

Download Gold Miner Adventure 1.0.4 regular version

Download Gold Miner Adventure 1.0.4 version Unlimited

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