Golden Software Didger 5.11.1438

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Golden Software Didger is a standalone mapping software for digital mapping. You can use this software to convert maps drawn on paper, aerial photos or other geographical information to digital format. This software allows you to convert various graphic objects including sampling points, roads, streams, forests, areas, cities, etc. to data in .dat, Golden .bln, Atlas .bna, AutoCad formats. Convert dxf, Windows Metafile .wmf and Windows Bitmap .bmp.

Features and specifications of Golden Software Didger software:

  • Create custom coordinate systems, create custom linear units
  • Auto Digitize: Automatically extract polygons from scanned images
  • Has more than 2500 predefined coordinate systems, more than 45 predefined linear units
  • Full compatibility: Visualize data analysis from multiple sources, support for multiple file formats including SHP, DXF, PDF, TIF and XLSX
  • Quick access to online data: The abundance of data is at your fingertips. Didger provides instant access to public and private web mapping service (WMS) images.
  • Geophysical processing features : deformation, simplification, smooth monoliths and polygons, conversion between points, polyline and polygon, creating new polygons by combining existing polygons, creating points or polygons in intersecting areas, connecting and Or break multiple lines in specified locations and so on

Installation guide

Register the software using the Keygen in the Crack folder.

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