GoldSim Technology Group GoldSim 12.1.1

GoldSim Technology Group GoldSim 12.1.1

GoldSim is a powerful and flexible platform for visualizing and simulating the dynamics of complex systems in engineering, science and business. In other words, GoldSim is like a visual screen that lets you graphically create and manipulate data and equations. However, GoldSim moves beyond spreadsheets, making it easier for you to evaluate systems progressing over time and predict their future behavior.

GoldSim software has powerful simulation features to show a little inherent diversity and uncertainty in all real-world systems. This feature allows you to realistically assess how systems evolve over time to compare alternative plans, programs, and policies, minimizing risks and making decisions.

GoldSim Features and Features:

  • Insert graphics, notes and links (to documents, websites and presentations) to clearly explain the models to the audience
  • Save models as player files that anyone can view using GoldSim Player.
  • Optimization of dynamic simulation models by finding the values ​​of decision variables that produce the desired results.
  • Create a custom graphical design interface (dashboard) to explain and show your models using the writing module in the software
  • Perform sensitivity analysis to identify the parameters that have the greatest impact on your model.

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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