Google answers the difficult questions of its users

Google is offering new features to its users using voice search.

Google Now is a smart personal assistant that can be used in Google’s Android operating system.

Google Now is an add-on feature for the native Google Android search app that uses a natural language interface to answer questions and send requests to a web server for execution.

One of the main features of Google Now and voice search can be considered in the new and different features offered in this platform so that it can attract more users’ views and meet the demands of its users.

But this feature is more advanced and smarter than before to be able to answer difficult questions of its users.

A new post from Google’s blog states: “The voice search feature in this personal assistant will be smarter with updates to answer complex questions from its users.

This update causes Google Voice Search to answer the simple question, “Who is the President of the United States?” Answer more complex questions, such as the ones in the image below, and look at many conditions to answer this question.

Google Voice Search divides its users’ questions into several sections to analyze the meaning of each section and then provide a general answer to each question.

This segmentation allows the system to form an information diagram of the answers, find the correct answers in each section, and finally combine the answers to achieve a practical and real answer.

This system, like startups, has its drawbacks, and Google is working to fix them.

Google believes that this system allows its users, in addition to finding answers to simple and ordinary questions, to access answers to difficult questions.

This update and new feature is available on both Android and iOS Google search platforms and covers users of both platforms.

This voice search has started a new approach that allows it to better understand the word or sentence being searched.

Google now recognizes the difference between attributes such as “largest” and “smallest” and pays attention to it in its searches.

These changes have been implemented on Google’s servers, and users can take advantage of this feature by updating their applications.