Google Chrome 89 has been released for Android with increased page loading speed

Chrome 89
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Google Chrome 89 – Google Chrome 89 has been released for the Android platform. Google claims that this version loads web pages faster.

Google has released a new version of Chrome browser with improved memory management, which helps Chrome open pages 13 percent faster than before. The “Freeze-dried” tabs, which used to load when you left the browser and came back again, are now saved as a lightweight version, the size of a screenshot that allows you to scroll, zoom and touch links. .

Google explains that this feature helps you feel more responsive from the browser, while actually loading web pages in the background.

In addition, in Google Chrome 89, which was released for the Android platform, the use of the phone’s RAM capacity has been improved, the number of crashes has been reduced, and the browser launch speed has been up to 7.5% faster. Google says Chrome has improved its processing performance by 22 percent, while improving rendering by 8 percent and graphics by 3 percent.

New details of the 64-bit version of Google Chrome Android

There is also a description of the 64-bit version of the Google Chrome browser for Android. To run this version, your phone must run Android 10 and have at least 8 GB of RAM. This 64-bit version can load web pages 8.5 percent faster, provide 28 percent smoother on-page navigation, and have less input latency.

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