Google Earth for Android +4.0

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Google Earth enables you to search anywhere in the world with your finger. Google Earth software is a product of Google, which is also available in other operating systems and we have already seen it in Windows. Now in Android we can see the map of the whole world very accurately. And distinguish between streets and other landscapes. Google has even created 3D maps for some famous cities.

Features of Google Earth:

– View panoramic images for some places
– Double-click with one finger to zoom
– View Maps Gallery to find interesting maps such as earthquake-stricken places, flying planes and snow skiing
– View some cities Famous in 3D such as London, Tokyo and Rome
– View images of historical places, and entertainment with quick access to them
– Move with one finger to move the place
– Zoom and change the display mode of images to the desired mode
– View Wikipedia information
– Dive into the world at street level with integrated street maps
– Tour guide to discover exciting new places anywhere in the world
– Browse layers like Wikipedia or photos for more location information
– Move with two fingers to change the vertical position
– Ability to display the user’s location
– Move two fingers by rotating them to change the display position

Download Google Earth version 240 DPI

Download Google Earth version 320 DPI

Download Google Earth version 480 DPI

Download Google Earth version 640 DPI

Download Google Earth version 640 DPI x86

Download Google Earth version 640 DPI arm64

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