Download Google Earth Pro x86 / x64 Free + Portable

Download Google Earth Pro x86 / x64 Free + Portable

Google Earth Pro software was born in 2001 as EarthViewer 3D by Keyhole, a CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) satellite service provider. The company was acquired by Google in 2004 and has since been renamed to its current form. Google Earth Pro is software for receiving and viewing satellite images of the Earth; Using this program, you can see all parts of the globe with details such as elevations, roads, buildings, and so on. In new versions, the ability to view images of the Moon and Mars has also been added to the software.

Features and features of Google Earth Pro software:

– Receive information about the roads and their status

– Three-dimensional view of mountains, forests, buildings, bridges and و

– Integration of Wikipedia encyclopedia with software and display of various types of information in different places

– Advanced search capability and find a specific location by entering latitude and longitude

– Having a variety of information layers from different cultural, sports, medical and other places.

– Has four modes of Earth orbit, constellations of the sky, moon and Mars

– Ability to view underwater the seas and oceans

– Ability to prepare videos from your tour

– Ability to simulate flight with F16 aircraft

– Determining the relatively accurate size of specific areas using measuring tools

– Ability to import GIS data types

Installation guide

This software is free and has no restrictions.

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Download Google_Earth_Pro_7.3.3.7786_Multilingual_x86

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Download Google_Earth_Pro_7.3.3.7786_Multilingual_Portable

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