Google is adding a new group tab feature to Chrome Desktop

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New features for tabs have been created in Chrome Android. Now, Google plans to add a new group tab feature to Chrome Desktop as well.

Eager Android users may have noticed that in the new Google Chrome update, a new group tab feature has recently been added to Google Android. This new feature adds to the appeal of the tab layout, compiling them, and ultimately giving a great view of all the tabs and open tabs of a group and the tabs of groups open together.

Now, Google has added a new group tab feature to Chrome Desktop. After several extensive and detailed tests on this feature, we are going to see it. The Google Chrome tab group feature will be a valuable tool for quickly organizing user activity and helping to increase its productivity. In fact, this feature allows the user to crowd the environment as much as he wants without closing the tabs that may be needed.Chrome desktop and group tabs

There are indications that Google Chrome Android users will soon be able to access the Follow button in Google Chrome. In the new Chrome feature, Chrome desktop or ChromeOS users are supposed to create new groups by right-clicking on the selected tab. Before creating any new group, you will be able to choose a new name for it and consider your favorite design and color for it. By pressing the Shift option and left-clicking the mouse, several tabs can be selected simultaneously.

As expected, this feature has its pros and cons. Some have welcomed this feature and some are skeptical about increasing the productivity of this tool. Opponents of this feature believe that anyone can easily leave their workspace empty by closing tabs they no longer need.

We have to wait for the spread of this feature in different versions of Chrome. The applications of this feature will be fully specified in future updates, and we may see other developments in this area.

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