Google return with smart glasses without glass

It looks like Google will soon be launching a new generation of smart glasses that are completely different from the current concept for these products.

The new generation of Google Glass, or Google Smart Glasses, will probably no longer be made of glass, Mediasoft reports, citing the analytical news website engadget. It should be noted that the next generation of these glasses are made with three different capabilities, one of which has no screen.

The focus of this model is only on sound and it can be used for sports purposes. At first glance, these glasses may not be much different from Bluetooth headsets for us, but it is better not to prejudge this product before it goes on the market.

But if you are looking for a sample with these glasses, you should know that at least one of these three glasses has a screen. Of course, there are still many rumors about these three new generations of Google glasses, and it is even possible that Google will reduce this figure to two models.

However, such reports can give you an overview of the new generation of glasses that will most likely be available next year.

In this way, it can be said that Google intends to launch its product in the consumer market with the least possible abuse and to teach its past mistakes as a lesson.