Google Translate 4.4.0.RC01.104701208 for Android +4.0

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Cross the language barrier to access science with Google Translate software. With this software, you can translate almost all the languages ​​of the world. Conversion between all languages ​​is possible. To use Google Translate, because Google’s translation service is online, you must be connected to the Internet.

Features and characteristics of Google Translate software:

– Text translation between 90 different languages

– You can speak naturally and Google will translate it.

– Your speech is translated. Text captured through your camera is identified (OCR) and translated. Your regular handwriting is identified and translated. Your typed texts are also easily translated.

– It is also possible to translate offline. For example, when you are traveling.

– Save your translations and access them from anywhere and on any device by logging in to your Google account.

– Translate your phone text messages

Download Google Translate 4.4.0.RC01.104701208

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