Graitec Archiwizard 2020 v8.2 x64

Graitec Archiwizard 2020 v8.2 x64

Graitec Archiwizard is a 3D thermal simulation software for evaluating the design and interactive energy performance of a project for the correct economic and bioclimatic selection directly from BIM digital models. Quick start with simple features that allow you to connect with real-time digital 3D models to test, evaluate and demonstrate building energy performance. Archiwizard is a monitoring thermal calculation software by DHUP and CSTB.

Graitec Archiwizard software feature:

  • Direct communication with CAD software
  • Simulator and calculation of solar gains
  • Special benefit of solar on the wall, in a room or in the whole building
  • Solar operating through a window and the operation of solar protection systems
  • Energy generation photovoltaic and thermal ) with automatic inclusion of the mask by radiation tracking
  • Visualize simulation results directly in EnergyPlus
  • Automatically translate ArchiWIZARD model features and weather information for EnergyPlus
  • Calculate the consumption of artificial light in each section
  • Predefined and adjustable settings at different levels: building areas, wall coverings
  • Create and manage objects to create a building environment
  • Calculate solar radiation on the wall in no time

Thermal calculations

  • Thermal performance of building cover according to current regulations
  • Specific consumption of solar energy (physical simulation using radiation tracking method)
  • Requires TH-EC heating and cooling
  • Solar thermal and photovoltaic performance

Simulation of daylight

  • Optimization of natural light
  • Immediate and accurate calculation of the need for artificial light

The overall balance has energy

  • Evaluate the energy performance of the building

Installation guide

Listed in the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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