Grapecity ActiveReports 12.2.13986.0

Grapecity ActiveReports 12.2.13986.0

Grapecity ActiveReports .NET reporting tool used by WinForm and ASP.NET software developers. ActiveReports is a set of components and tools that make it easy to generate reports for displaying data in web-based documents and formats.

Features and Features of Grapecity ActiveReports:

  • A set of .NET report components and an extensive API: Includes a complete set of report controls and code libraries. Use built-in controls such as barcodes, tablix, charts, data, sparklines and maps to visualize data
  • Optional Server Reporting Add-on: Expand ActiveReports Server to host and run reports from a centralized server
  • View multi-platform reports: Fully customizable viewer placement in HTML5, WPF, WinForm and ASP.NET MVC
  • You can also use the PDF Exporter tool to display the report in the PDF viewer.
  • Integrated and Independent Designer Report: Use Visual Studio Integrated Designer Report to create reports on projects or use Independent Executive Designer to create report outside Visual Studio
  • Added word interpretation extension for DOCX formats
  • Replace the matrix with the new Tablix data area to allow users to create the matrix
  • Improved integration between ActiveReports Server and ActiveReports Developer Edition
  • Create a new and lighter engine for fast rendering
  • Added touch support for Windows and WPF
  • Update the report engine optimized for speed
  • Added export option to PDF for report archive
  • Added HTML5 viewer with touch and motion support

Installation guide

View the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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