Gravity Blocks X 1.21 for Android +2.3

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In the fun game Gravity Blocks X, you have to swipe to one side to move all the cubes in that direction so that they fall to the ground. This game has different modes in the gameplay, each of which will create a different experience for you.

Different modes of Gravity Blocks X:

–  Henrys Mint Tea: In this fashion, you have to bring art to tea.
–  Dr. Zoidblocks Zombie apocalypse: In this mode, you have to take the doctor to the cubes that have turned into zombies to treat them.
–  Blockman begins… to save the environment: In this mode you have to carry another cube with you and throw it in the trash.
–  Blox-5’s Space Jumps: In this mode, you have to jump to your destination and avoid falling into the holes.
–  10100010’s Binary Fusion: In this mode you will have only two cubes, one red and the other blue, which you must use to create different colors.

Features and characteristics of Gravity Blocks X:

– Has stunning graphics and effects
– Has attractive mechanisms in the gameplay
– 6 different modes, each of which will bring you a different gameplay experience.
– Has more than 180 different and attractive stages to play
– Has a variety of cubes with significant differences in their design
– Different characters and their separate characterization

Download Gravity Blocks X 1.21

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