GstarCAD 2020 Professional Build 200113 x64

GstarCAD 2020 Professional Build 200113 x64

GstarCAD is a CAD (Computer Aided Design) software platform using the open design DWG library for reading and writing DWG file formats created by the popular AutoCAD package. GstarCAD is an alternative to other well-known CAD packages on the market and extends compatibility with DWG files, as well as a very AutoCAD-like interface. This software is available in three standard, scientific and professional versions and in English, Spanish, French, Korean, Chinese and.. The software released a version for mobile device called GstarCAD MC, which runs on iOS and Android.

Features and specifications of GstarCAD software:

  • The two-dimensional design and classic user interface can be changed in an instant. The 2D design interface is supported by a ribbon bar with tab and panel. Display most commands used as thumbnails for easy selection. Classic user interface supported by toolbar.
  • You can enter commands, aliases and system variables using the keyboard. You can also repeat previous commands by pressing enter or Space bar without entering a command.
  • Dynamic input A command interface near the cursor helps you stay focused in the draft area. Save typing time and find shortcuts
  • Maximum bright screen design space by pressing Ctrl + 0 or by clicking on its icon in the status bar

Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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Download GstarCAD 2020 Professional Build 200113 x64 Multilingual

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