GT-SUITE 2016 B3 Windows / Linux

GT-SUITE 2016 B3 Windows / Linux

GT-SUITE is an efficient software for simulating multi-physical systems in 0D, 1D and 3D. This software has provided a library of components. Using these components, specialists can model and simulate any type of physics, from thermal, mechanical, electrical systems to various fluid, magnetic, chemical, and control systems. By simulating the above physical states, almost a wide range of devices, motors, transmission lines, mechanical, hydraulic, thermal, cooling, thermal, chemical and other systems can be designed. This software is a fundamental change in the world of CAE tools. This software is primarily one of the best in the field of high level modeling 0D and 1D, but this is just the beginning.

Uniquely, this program is also a suitable tool for modeling systems in 3D, because despite the three-dimensional and thermal finite element method, as well as the possibility of modeling multi-physical mechanical systems and systems with flexible physical states and in Finally, by supporting computational fluid dynamics, it has left nothing to chance. All of this goes hand in hand, making GT-SUITE one of the best modeling and executable software in the entire product development cycle. This software is one of the leading tools in the engineering simulation industry and has been widely used by providing an extensive library for a variety of engineering industries, including the automotive, aircraft, rail and other industries. Using this program, from the initial stages of conceptual design to the final stages of production and analysis of system and subsystem details, design optimization and other steps involved in product development can be done.

Features and specifications of GT-SUITE:

  •  Ability to model and simulate a variety of multi-physical and multi-physical systems
  • Ability to optimize the design in all details
  • Design and modeling 0D, 1D, 3D
  • Support for FEA and CFD methods in systems design
  • Extensive library of various components applicable in a variety of manufacturing industries
  • Has a built-in thermal analyzer
  • High speed in performing operations and calculations

Installation guide

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