Hammer Throw – Quick Guide

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Hammer Throw – Overview

Hammer Throw is a sport of power, stability, and projection. Aside from heavy bodily power, it requires glorious foot work coordination. Since 1900, it is part of Olympic Video games in males’s class. Within the yr 1995, it was launched to ladies’s class too. Worldwide Affiliation of Athletic Federation (IAAF) is the governing physique of this sport.

Hammer Throw is a well-liked subject and observe occasion by which the athlete must throw a heavy spherical object to prescribed distance, by spinning it in air with the assistance of a wire or string hooked up to it. This sport is performed in each women and men class. For the protection of the spectators, the athletes use to carry out inside a semi enclosed perimeter.

Hammer Throw

A Transient Historical past of Hammer Throw

Traces of hammer throwing will be made into 18th century the place the Tailgate individuals used to showcase their skills in entrance of their kings by throwing heavy stone or metallic supplies being hooked up with a rope. Quickly the tradition was developed and was remodeled right into a sport that was launched in fashionable Olympic Video games in 1900.

Many individuals additionally imagine that the origin of this sport is from the Scottish independence struggle, the place King Edward-I has prohibited the usage of weaponry. On account of which this sort of throwing was practiced by the military males within the late 13th or 14th century. Until 1995.

Worldwide Affiliation of Athletic Federation (IAAF) didn’t made any rectification to incorporate ladies’s occasion on this class however lastly in 2000 Summer time Olympics, ladies made their debut in hammer throw and a yr after that it was additionally launched in world championships.

History of Hammer Throw

Taking part Nations

Hammer Throw comes underneath the observe and subject job occasion. Since its introduction to Olympic Video games in 1900, the recognition of this sport grew exponentially in numerous nations. Many Asian and Non-Asian nations take part on this sport. The nations that take part on this sport are China, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, India, Kuwait, South Korea and so on. In 2014 Asian Video games, Dilshod Nazarov of Tajikstan bagged the gold medal in males’s class and Zhang Wenxiu of China bagged gold medals in ladies’s class.

Many Non-Asian nations have proven their skills in occasions like Summer time Olympics. Nations like, Norway, Nice Britain, USA, Russia, Czech Republic, and so on. are dominating within the competitions. In 2012 Summer time Olympics, Krisztian Pars of Hungary bagged the gold medal in males’s class whereas Tatyana Lysenco of Russia bagged gold in ladies’s class.

Hammer Throw – Play?

Earlier than shifting to varied methods of the game, let’s begin from the fundamentals.

The Grip

Hand Grip

Gripping is completed mainly within the left hand for a left handler and in proper hand for a proper handler. To guard the palms from the mechanical accidents, gloves are supplied by the sporting group.

Gripping is completed in between the second and third joints of the fingers. On the highest of the left hand, proper hand is positioned. It ought to be positioned contained in the deal with.

The Swinging

At first, it’s important to stand on the rear level of the circle. Technically talking, this might be a 12 o’clock place. Your toes ought to be precisely parallel with the bottom and your again ought to be in the direction of the throwing route i.e. throwing route might be at 6 o’clock with respect to you. To extend the momentum of the throw, use the preliminary swinging.


Basically, an athlete makes use of two swinging; nevertheless, there isn’t a restriction upon the rise or lower of the swinging. The swinging should be began from behind the appropriate facet of the physique. Take the hammer within the ahead route away from the physique. Swing it over the top. By way of this act, the low level of the hammer will lie in a 12 o’clock place and tip in 6 o’clock place with respect to your physique.

The Entry

Quickly after the swinging, the athlete enters into the turning section. The place of the hammer comes straight in entrance of the thrower and turning of the low level commences. Pushing of the hammer takes place to the left and the flip begins.

Another positions of the physique that ought to be taken care of are −

  • Shoulders ought to be relaxed
  • Motion of the top ought to be passive
  • Preserve hips and knees versatile
  • Toes ought to stay involved with the circle

The Turns

These are a sequence of actions achieved to extend the pace of the hammer. Typically 34 turns are made however an athlete can go for extra additionally if he/she likes. Nonetheless; one essential facet that ought to be taken care over right here is the balancing of physique. Robust gripping of each the toes over the bottom and their gradual motion aids the turning course of.


Flip your proper foot via your toes and left foot via your heels. Carry out a driving motion with the assistance of your proper knee and carry your proper leg up within the air within the 6o’ clock place as soon as it completes its actions. Rotation of the appropriate hip takes place across the again and up together with the appropriate foot. It touches the bottom on the circle precisely making a three o’clock marking.

By way of the rotation of the foot, acceleration pressure will get transferred from hips and proper foot to the bottom of the hammer, positioned at 12 o’clock. Through the time of software of pressure the hammer ball ought to be on downward path and contacts ought to be there between each of your toes with the circle. All through the turning course of the appropriate foot retains involved with the circle. The higher a part of the physique stays within the passive place and arms ought to be straight with shoulders being relaxed.

The Supply

By way of repetitive rotation, the ball achieves its acceleration however the thrower nonetheless retains rotating the ball together with his toes involved with the circle. The purpose at which the hammer is launched is named the excessive level.

High Point

It’s positioned simply reverse to the low level. Reverse to the low level, the hammer is pushed upward via the correct extension of hips, ankles, and knees after which is launched. Throughout this course of the left facet of the physique ought to be blocked and at 9 o’clock place, the upward driving of the toes ought to be made.

Heel Toe Flip Footwork

Preliminary swinging motion begins with the turning of the heel of the left foot and the ball of the appropriate foot. You may carry the appropriate foot up within the air as quickly because the hammer passes the 9 o’clock place and rotation might be achieved on the skin of the left foot. As quickly because the ball reaches 6 o’clock place, shifting of the left foot is completed onto the ball of the foot. With the arrival of three o’clock place, put the appropriate foot on the bottom.

All of the remaining turns between three o’clock to 12 o’clock will be achieved with the assistance of the ball of the foot. Shifting of the left foot goes onto the heel degree because the ball comes close to 12 o’clock place and the following flip takes place. The space achieved by the hammer primarily relies upon upon three elements that are −

  • The angle at which hammer is being launched
  • The peak at which it’s launched
  • Pace at which it has been thrown

The pace at which the hammer is thrown has the dominating impact amongst all. So the athlete ought to train upon that increasingly with efficient coaching and steady apply.

Hammer Throw – Guidelines

An athlete has to abide by the next guidelines whereas performing in a Hammer Throw competitors −

  • Earlier than the beginning of preliminary swinging, an athlete is allowed to place the top of hammer both inside or exterior the circle.
  • It’s not a foul if earlier than the beginning of preliminary swing, the thrower places his hammer on floor but when after preliminary swing, the top of the hammer touches floor or the hammer is dropped by the athlete, then it is going to be counted as a foul.
  • Whereas being within the air, if the hammer breaks then it is not going to be counted as foul, supplied the athlete has performed underneath appropriate guidelines and rules.


Guidelines about Hammer

A hammer consists of the next three elements: Metallic head, Wire, and Grip.

  • The pinnacle of the hammer ought to be made up of stable materials like iron and it ought to be spherical in form. The diameter ought to be 110 mm for males and 95 mm for ladies.
  • Filling is allowed and ought to be achieved in such a way that it is going to be immovable and the middle of gravity is not going to be greater than 6 mm from the middle of the sphere.
  • Wire that’s going for use over right here might be single and unbroken sort having a minimal diameter of 3mm. It mustn’t stretch extra whereas being in air. The wire will be lobbed to the both ends of the hammer.
  • Building of the grip will be both single or double loop sort but it surely ought to be inflexible and shouldn’t have any hinging joints at each the perimeters.
  • The grip ought to be hooked up to the wire in such a way that it can’t be turned throughout the loop of the wire.
  • Measurement of the hammer ought to be achieved from the within of the grip.
  • To make sure the protection of the spectators, the efficiency ought to be carried out inside an empty cage.