Hammer Throw – Training

Generally the throwers do not compete for a single throw; they participate in multiple events like hammer throw, javelin throw, etc. Hence, their training schedule is prepared keeping an eye on the performance that will aid to all types of throws. So let’s go through some of the basic training schedules that will help in building up the power and strength of an athlete.

Power Snatch

Power Snatch

During the time of throw, you need sufficient energy to lift up the accelerating hammer and to throw it in a required direction. This exercise is solely designed for that purpose.

You need an Olympic bar to have a grip during the snatch. Place it just outside of your knees and push hard towards the ground during the starting of the snatch and soon after that regain back your entire weight on your heel. Snatching is better if you follow Split Leg snatch pattern.

Front Squats

Front Squats

Hammer throw demands excess strength of hamstrings, thighs, and hips. If you will practice squats in your daily exercise schedule, it is going to aid your performance.

You can mix front and back squat to design your own style of exercise. But in case of hammer throw, our hips remain at the back of the heels so it is the front squat that is going to help us a lot.

A three quarter squat movement is also better. Generally while countering the hammer, athletes think too much about the outward pulling force of the hammer. So a front squat practise is going to make their thigh and hip muscles much stronger.

Trap Relaxing

Hammer throwing depends upon the centrifugal force. It is true that speed aids the hammer throw but sometimes excess speed can spoil the throw too. So it is better to increase the radius than speed.

From this statement, we mean that while uplifting the hammer, if you will apply much force by tightening and squeezing your muscles, then it is going to shorten the radius of turning, which in turn will decrease the level of the throw too. So instead just concentrate more on the pulling motion by creating a continuous motion that will gradually pull the weight off the ground.

Hammer Throw – Safety Measures

Although the sport looks simple from outside, but it needs many safety measures while performing it over the field. This is because any slight mismatch in the performance can hamper a great injury to both athlete and the spectators. For this reason it is often played in a semi closed encasement.

Some important safety measures that should be followed during the competition are −

  • During the performance, all the retrievers and officials are ordered not to turn their back to the area of playing. This is because in the worst case, if any practitioner loses his/her balance, some hazard may happen.
  • Soon after bringing the implement to the athletic area, the retrievers are advised to walk backward or on the side of their head.
  • Officials and other judges should always stand at the back side of the net.
  • Always inspect the ground before practicing because maximum times during rainy season or in winter season, the ground becomes wet and slippery.
  • The ground should be clear from any foreign objects.
  • Before throwing, make sure that no one is present on the landing area.


Hammer Throw – Champions

International Associations of Athletic Federation (IAAF) is the governing body of hammer throw. Every participating country has its own governing body to organize the sport successfully throughout the calendar.

Here is a list of some important tournaments of this sport.

  • Summer Olympics
  • World Championship
  • Asian Games
  • Commonwealth Games

Many players have grabbed gold, silver, and bronze medals in various tournaments. Some of those champions with little details have been discussed here.

Yuriy Sedykh

Yuriy Sedykh

Yuriy Sedykh is a competitor for Soviet Union. He bagged six gold medals out of which two are in Olympic Games and one from World Championship. He has also won one silver medal each in Olympics and World Championship.

Besides this he is the winner of three gold medals in European Championship he has set a world record of throw of 86.74 meters. Currently he is handling various hammer annual camps in USA.

Sergey Litvinov

Sergey Litvinov

Sergey Litvinov is a competitor for Soviet Union. He bagged a silver medal in 1980 Olympics held in Moscow and a gold medal in 1988 Seoul Olympic Games. He won gold medals two times in World Championships.

He also won a silver and a bronze medal in European Championships. He set the world record of 84.14 meter in 1983. His son Sergei is also a good hammer thrower.

Anita Wlodarczyk

Anita Wlodarczyk

Anita Wlodarczyk is a competitor for Poland. She won her first medal in 2007 when she participated in U23 Championships. She bagged silver in 2012 Olympics and a gold in 2016 Olympics.

In World Championships, she won two golds and one silver while in European Championships, she has won three golds and one bronze. She has also won two golds and one silver in European Team Championships. She is the first woman to throw hammer beyond 80 meters.

Betty Heidler

Betty Heidler

Betty Heidler is a competitor for Germany. In her career till now she has won seven medals which include three golds, three silvers and one bronze.

Betty won one gold medal each in World Championships, European Championships and Universiade. She bagged two silver medals in World Championships and one in European Championships.

In 2012 London Olympics, she won a bronze medal. She has a world record of throwing at the distance of 79.42 meters.