Handball – Playing Environment

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Handball is being performed on an oblong courtroom in both indoor style or on an outside grassy area. The sport is performed between two groups of seven members every. Every workforce are free to decide on the aspect of the courtroom they want to play first and the referee decides which workforce will begin the sport by tossing course of. Like different groups, gamers might be substituted rather than gamers on the sector in keeping with the foundations and regulation ruled by IHF.

Court docket Design of Handball

Handball is performed on an oblong courtroom having dimension of 40mts by 20mts with a aim middle at both sides. It has a middle line which equally divides the sector into two an identical rectangles. In every half of the courtroom there’s a aim surrounded by a semi-circular line generally known as the d-line. The area enclosed by d-line is called d-zone or crease, the place solely aim keeper is permitted. Therefore a participant has to aim to attain targets from exterior the d-zone with out touching the d-line. One other dashed curve line of 9mts diameter signifies free throw line.

Court Design

Dimensions of a Handball Discipline

A handball participant should be acquainted with the dimension of assorted areas of the handball courtroom and the ball used. Principally a handball area is an oblong formed space having dimensions as under.

  • Width and breadth of the handball courtroom is 40mts in size and 20mts in width.
  • The aim publish is 2mts in peak and 3mts in width.
  • A 6mts line generally known as d-line separates the aim keeper from remainder of the gamers who will not be allowed to cross the road.
  • A mark is supplied at a distance of 7mts from the aim publish from which penalty photographs are taken in case any foul happens throughout the handball match.
  • A participant begins the play from a 9mts dashed line in case being fouled contained in the opponent’s line. It’s also generally known as free throw line.
  • A middle line can be supplied which marks the beginning of the sport. It additionally acts because the reference line of resumption of sport after half time. After scoring of aim, sport is resumed from that mid line.
  • Substitution line are marked on the aspect line of handball by which participant should depart the courtroom at any time when a substitution is made.
  • Ball dimension of a handball sport varies relying upon whether or not it’s being performed beneath males’s class or ladies’s class. Dimension of ball for each class are as follows −
    • Males’s − Weight of ball ranges from 425gm to 475gm and circumference is from 56 to 60 cm.
    • Girls’s − Weight of ball is between 325gm to 375gm and circumference is 54 to 56cm.