Handball – Tournaments

Handball tournaments are held every year in different countries. World Championship, Olympic Games, Summer Olympic, Asian Olympic, Common Wealth Games are the tournaments organised by international sports organizations.


Apart from the above-mentioned major tournaments, handball tournaments are being organized at various places of the world, controlled by International Handball federation. Some handball tournaments organised at various place are given below.

S.No. Country & tournament
1 Poland

Polish Ekstraklasa Men’s handball leagues also held for women’s category.

2 Spain


3 Sweden

Elitserien (Both for Men’s and Women’s).

4 Iceland

Olis deil din

5 United States

U.S inter collegiate handball championship.

6 India

Indian handball super league.

7 Denmark

Jack and jones Ligaen.

8 Germany

Handball bundesliga.

9 Grecce

Greece Men’s handball championship.

10 Turkey

Turkish handball super league.

11 Scotland

Scottish handball league.