HanGil IT AStrutTie 2017 v2.0

HanGil IT AStrutTie 2017 v2.0

AStrutTie is the name of an application software for civil engineers provided by HanGil IT. AStrutTie is used in the design and analysis of steel frame models and formwork fasteners and is made for concreting members with stress turbulence zone. This software allows users to start designing beams, supports, pillars, pier caps, frame corners, anchorage areas, blade beams, beam connections, and PSC boxes. AStrutTie software also supports ACI 318, AASHTO LRFD and EuroCode 2 design features and codes.

Features and characteristics of AStrutTie:

  • Smart graphical interface
  • Visualization by display windows
  • Support for metric units and conventional US units
  • Graphical display of results times, limit condition, and structural analysis
  • Assessing the bearing conditions of the columns
  • Contains design codes ACI 318, AASHTO LRFD and EuroCode 2
  • Has 12 templates for structural members
  • Get output in Word, Excel, or PDF
  • Ability to import dxf files for structuring and solid structure modeling
  • Optimization of structural and solid models

Installation guide

After installation, copy the files in the Crack folder to the software installation location.

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