Frontend Masters - Hardcore Functional Programming in JavaScript v2 2020
Programming in JavaScript

Frontend Masters – Hardcore Functional Programming in JavaScript v2 2020


Hardcore Functional Programming in JavaScript is an advanced functional programming course in JavaScript published by the Front & Masters Academy. Functional programming is a programming approach or paradigm that contrasts with more traditional approaches such as object-oriented programming.

Programs based on this approach consist of a large number of functions (functions) that can be easily imported as an argument to other functions or output them. In this paradigm, you will encounter concepts such as immutability and pure function. Pure functions have two basic conditions, which are the principle of certainty and the absence of side effects, respectively. The principle of certainty means that a function will always give a fixed result if it presents fixed arguments.

This course covers many advanced topics in functional programming, and among the most important topics covered are pure function, higher-order functions, function combinations, functors, and monads. This training course is completely project-oriented and you will apply all the mentioned techniques in projects and practical examples.

What you will learn in the Hardcore Functional Programming in JavaScript course:

  • Principles of Functional Programming
  • The concept of pure function and its basic features
  • Familiarity with the advantages of pure functions such as reusability and high testability
  • Immutability
  • Higher-order functions
  • Combination of functions
  • Functor and monad

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Course specifications

Publisher: Front & Masters
Instructor: Brian Lonsdorf
Language: English
Level: Advanced
Number of Courses: 36
Duration: 3 hours and 44 minutes

Hardcore Functional Programming in JavaScript





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Programming in JavaScript

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