Hardmesh Tools 2.2.1 for Maya 2017-2018

Hardmesh Tools 2.2.1 for Maya 2017-2018

Hardmesh is the  name of a powerful and of course useful plugin for Maya software. In fact, the main use of this plugin is to create complex objects of simple shapes. In fact, with the help of this plugin, you can create very complex and detailed shapes and objects in the Maya software environment. This plugin is also very effective for designers, Vfx and game companies, expert users and advertising agencies. The simple combination of objects in this plugin will be done with the help of combining different types of meshes (Mesh) with each other.

You can also always edit all your designed objects and shapes with the Hardmesh Tools plugin. This means that you can perform any type of operation on your meshes and achieve the desired result. The creators of this plugin have also provided you with a solution by considering a set of enriched operations that you can design and build several complex objects at the same time.

Another part of HARD MESH applications is related to project control and management capabilities for you. This plugin can also be used in many different ways in the workflow according to your needs. It should also be noted that you will not see any restrictions in designing new shapes and your freedom of action in using this software is infinite.

Features and specifications of Hardmesh plugin:

  • Create complex and highly detailed shapes while maintaining the continuity of levels in the original state
  • Allows you to convert simple geometric shapes to very complex models
  • Avoid creating and editing complex topologies
  • Take advantage of a multi-threaded mesh library to speed up computing
  • Ability to experiment with new shapes and show them to the customer
  • High level capabilities in controlling and managing compounds obtained from different levels
  • Working with a variety of meshes such as triangulated – quad – imported CAD – open Ö

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file.

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