hbTapi Components 10.2 Enterprise D10.2 x86 / x64

hbTapi Components 10.2 Enterprise D10.2 x86 / x64

hbTapi Components A suite of easy-to-use Delphi VCL components that allow object-based Microsoft Telephony API (TAPI). This set includes support for multiple phones, call lines per line, multiple addresses and much more. It also has the ability to make and answer voice or data calls, recognize caller IDs, receive and create DTMF voice, read / adjust phone display , control Hookswitch devices and much more. Telephony API (TAPI) is one of the most sophisticated Microsoft Windows APIs. The hbTapi component summarizes the API into some Delphi components that can be easily controlled by your application.

Features and capabilities of hbTapi Components:

  • Full line control, mobile features with one component
  • Count telephone devices and installed lines
  • Supports multiple phones, lines, calls per line and multiple addresses
  • Full call control , call progress message
  • Make a call – Full or partial dial
  • Caller ID information – name, number
  • Phone number translation – use dialing properties
  • Identify alarm, busy, connect, disconnect and so on
  • Use Hold, Unhold, Park, Transfer, Redirect, etc.
  • Use of telephone conferencing, three-way calling and…
  • DTMF Audio Detection / Generation – Press local and remote keys
  • Silence detection in a channel – Silence processing
  • Discover the hardware capabilities of the device
  • Count the place name
  • Receive / set current position, country code and…
  • Speaker control of phones, earphones and headsets
  • Control screen, buttons and lights
  • Create telephone assistance programs
  • Send / Receive Binary Data – Port Category Comm
  • Support playback and recording of wav files
  • Improved call and conference transmission

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