Healthy foods that should not be consumed after weight loss surgery

Healthy foods that should not be consumed after weight loss surgery

After weight loss surgeries , it is best to avoid certain foods. Of course, you have to keep in mind that the long list of forbidden foods is not the same for everyone. However, in this article, we are going to introduce foods that should be avoided after slimming surgeries .

For two weeks after surgery, it is best to avoid eating any solid foods:

Right after surgery, your abdomen will be vulnerable. Therefore, in these conditions, doctors recommend using a liquid diet for at least two or three weeks after surgery and avoiding solid and hard substances. This means eating foods such as protein shakes, low-fat cottage cheese, low-sugar pudding, plain yogurt and soup. Avoid eating anything that needs to be chewed. During this time it is better to let your stomach rest. Sufficient time should be devoted to the treatment and healing of injured tissues. Fluids can easily pass through your digestive system, but solids remain in the abdomen, causing pain. Under these conditions, the possibility of improvement will be much less.

For the next three weeks, avoid breads, nuts, fibrous fruits and vegetables:

After the liquid diet phase, you should switch to ingredients such as tuna, egg salads, light fish, lean turkey , tofu, canned or cooked fruits and cooked vegetables . Avoid eating any sticky substance. Ingredients such as bread and nut butter can be sticky. Fiber-rich foods such as nuts, fruits and raw vegetables should also be eliminated. Since your abdomen usually gets smaller after surgery, it is best to eat a small amount of food every 20 minutes.

For a long time:

Avoid foods such as popcorn, water (before or after meals), raw vegetables, peeled fruits, and red meat for long periods of time. In the long run, people cannot be forced to abstain from certain foods. Of course, the consumption of the mentioned foods can be reduced as much as possible so as not to cause much damage to the stomach. It is best to avoid refined carbohydrates and anything that has a lot of unhealthy sugars and fats. Substances such as bread and popcorn may make the stomach larger and feel fuller faster. To prevent this, it is better to reduce the consumption of such substances. If you like to use corn, first eat some cooked carrots and cheese and finally eat roasted corn. Overcooked red meat, chicken or turkey, and fibrous fruits and vegetables are difficult to digest. Therefore, these substances, like popcorn, cause a feeling of rapid satiety and can causeNausea and vomiting in the person.

It is best not to drink water 30 minutes before or after a meal. Drinking water or other fluids before a meal will make you feel full and will not allow you to eat the right amount of food (although this option is useful for people looking to lose weight, it is not recommended for people who have had weight loss surgery ). . Drinking water after eating can also cause a ripple in the abdomen and expel food quickly from the stomach. In such conditions, it will not be possible to absorb nutrients. In the long run, it is also possible to stretch the stomach.