Heart rate and respiration monitoring has been added to the Google Fit app

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Google has added heart rate and tennis monitoring capabilities to the Google Fit app. These features use your phone’s camera.

In the latest update, Google has added heart rate and respiration monitoring to the Google Fit app. Of course, these new features are currently only available to some Pixel phone users.

Thanks to new capabilities, users can see their heart rate and respiratory function without the need for additional hardware from their phone. Both of these new features only use the camera on the back and front of the phone.

Monitor heart rate and respiration with the phone’s camera

To use the stylus monitoring feature, simply place your finger on the back camera of the phone. This technique, already used by some applications, is the easiest way to monitor a user’s heart rate. To monitor the user’s breathing, all you have to do is activate the front camera and take a breath. This camera uses the movement of your chest to monitor your breathing.

Google Fit app

Of course, Google says that these features of the Google Fit application are not designed for medical purposes, and that is because of their low accuracy. Obviously, you should not trust your phone’s camera when you have serious medical problems. These features are only suitable for weekly weekly reviews. Google says heart rate and respiratory function will be activated on all Pixel phones this week. Other Android phones can also benefit from these features in the future.

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