Helicon Focus Pro 7.6.1 x64

Helicon Focus Pro 7.6.1 x64

, macro or micro photography has become difficult today without focusing operations. Using this software, you can have advanced and sophisticated technology to focus on your images after shooting. If you are not able to create highly focused images with your camera, this software can meet your needs in this regard.

Helicon Focus software performs its focusing operation by combining several images with different focus distances. Also, your data processing is very high when using this software. Also, the images that you work on using this software, you can finally output them with very good quality. Also, processing images with 16-bit accuracy by this software makes it possible to preserve all colors and details accurately.

The makers of this product have also tried to get the maximum desired performance while you are using this software. Multi-core processing in your system, 64-bit support and maximum processor gain make this software significantly more efficient. You will also use professional workflow tools when using this product.

Features of Helicon Focus:

  • Enjoy a very powerful user interface
  • The user benefits from a very professional workflow tool
  • Benefit and use advanced technology in processing your operations
  • Ability to merge images with different focus distances and turn it into a single focused image
  • Use 16-bit processing to preserve colors and image details
  • Multi-core processing of your data for maximum efficiency
  • Take advantage of the Helicon 3D Viewer for viewing and storage

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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