Hex-Rays IDA Pro 7.3.190614 x64

Hex-Rays IDA Pro, which actually stands for I nteractive D is A ssembler, is a programmable and extensible debugger and assembler that has a very simple environment. This program is interactive and can be expanded and developed. It also supports code graphing, and its debugger adds dynamic analysis to the information collected by the assembler. The platform on which you can run this program is Windows. This program is flirt technology, which means it has a high speed in detecting libraries and you do not need to do anything manually. This program is close enough to a high level coding.

It has external plugins (our debuggers are our plugins.) You can directly use the features of this program, using your keyboard. See ARM Windows CE Debugger is another feature of this software. It offers you all the features you would expect from a debugger, and even more: there’s a tracing feature to test the app, and there’s a remote debugger feature. Although this software has a very simple environment, but it provides you with several capabilities that you can use to meet your needs in programming.

Features and specifications of Hex-Rays IDA Pro software:

  • Powerful debugger for debugging all types of coding
  • Ability to trace to test program output
  • Features flirt technology, fast detection of libraries without the need for manual intervention
  • Add dynamic analysis to the app
  • Support for remote debugger capability to target various targets
  • Close to high level programming
  • Fully interactive and suitable for programmers
  • Simple user interface

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file to activate it.

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