Hexagon PPM COADE TANK 2017 SP1 v9.00.01

Hexagon PPM COADE TANK 2017 SP1 v9.00.01

Intergraph TANK or COADE Tank is another oil product of Intergraph Company (Hexagon PPM is a subsidiary of this company) which is produced and used for designing and analyzing new oil storage tanks and evaluating existing tanks. The very high ability of this software in accurate design and analysis, has made the final design a reality and has made this program the best software in this part of the oil industry.

Features and characteristics of Intergraph TANK software :

– Mono-centric user interface for quick and easy use

– Evaluation and analysis of wall thickness, required materials and materials, low sheet thickness and…

– Very high flexibility of software

– Support for tanks with a conical roof

– Ability to output output graphically and as a table and chart

– Has an extensive database of materials

– Calculation of types of lateral loads and the effect of their pressure

– Ability to model and simulate wind flow, vibration and earthquake in accordance with the latest international standards

– Display information about various items and provide quick and accessible help

Installation guide

Instructions for installing the 2016 and 2017 versions are given in the text file.

Persian and video tutorials on installing and activating the 2014 version are provided in the form of a PDF file in the package and separately.

To install several SPLM-enabled software on a system, a license must be generated for all software during the license generation phase. For example, first select TANK software in Keygen and enter Seats, then for later software such as PV Elite and Do the same with CAESAR II and finally click Generate.

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Download Hexagon PPM COADE TANK 2017 SP1 v9.00.01

Download Intergraph TANK 2016 v8.00.00

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Version 2014:


Download crack and Persian installation tutorial

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