With this solution, hide your private pictures on your Android phone

hide your private pictures

hide your private pictures

The smartphone revolution has pushed the cameras of this digital gadget to the margins of traditional photography. Most people like to film or photograph personal events in their lives and record their memories in this way. This causes their phone to be full of many personal images that endanger their privacy if the phone is lost. But to solve this problem, you can transfer your personal images to the security folder on your Android phone.

Smartphone manufacturers have provided users with various solutions to secure personal data, including transferring files to a secure folder. LG and Samsung, two major smartphone makers, provide users with pre-built tools that can be used to hide their images from unauthorized people.

Owners of Samsung phones

In order to be able to use the safe folder on your Android phone, you must first enable this feature. To do this, open the Settings menu.

Then select the Lock Screen and security option. In the screen that appears, select the Secure Folder option.

On this page, in the Lock Type section, you must specify the type of protection mechanism. In this section, we selected the Password mechanism. After doing this, you need to enter your password in two steps and then log in to your Samsung account. Once you have successfully created the desired folder, then to hide the photos on your phone, you must go to the photo gallery, select the photos you want, touch the menu on the right side of the screen, and from the menu that appears, select Move to Secure Folder Choose. The selected photo (s) will now be moved to a secure folder.

The page for the secure folder and its settings are as shown below.

To be able to restore the photos to the previous state twice, after entering the safe folder, it is enough to select the photos and select the three dot button on the right side of the screen. From the popup menu, select Move out of Secure Folder to return photos to the gallery.

Owners of LG phones

The process of hiding photos on LG phones is almost the same as on Samsung phones. To do this, you must first go to Settings> Fingerprints and Security> Content Lock. At this point, the phone will ask you which pin, password or fingerprint solution you use to secure. After determining the type of security mechanism, go to the default application of Photo Gallery. In the photo gallery, select the photos to hide, then go to Menu> More> Lock. You can also select a complete folder containing images. Photos / folders will be moved to a safe folder when you touch Lock. To view the images, go to Menu> Show Locked Files, go through the authentication process so you can access the images.

Use a file manager

If you own a phone that does not belong to Samsung or LG, there is a solution for you that is not very straightforward. You can use a file manager or peripherals to hide the content you want. To do this, follow the steps below.

Create a new folder

You need to install a powerful file manager on your phone before you can start. We recommend   ES File Explorer . After installing the file manager, run it. At this point you need to create a new folder on your phone. .PrivateFiles or .Secret are ideal emails. Note that you must put the dot before the folder name.

Next, move all the images you want to hide to this folder. How to transfer files is different in each file manager. But in general, to transfer files, hold your finger on the screen for a few seconds until the transfer option appears. In this case, you will no longer see any file that is transferred in the gallery application. Note that any folder whose name starts with a dot will not be visible through the phone applications.

Create a .Nomedia file

If you have thousands of images to hide, manually transferring them is difficult. Instead, you can create a .nomedia file in the folders to be hidden. If your phone encounters a file called .nomedia in a folder, it will not load the contents of that folder when scanning. To create this file you need a third-party program such as a file manager.

Note that using these two strategies can hide your content from the photo gallery, however images are still visible in a file manager because they are not password protected.

Using third-party applications

Vaulty is one of the most popular free content hiding programs available to you and has been praised by hundreds of thousands of users who have used it.

This app has its own photo gallery. As a result, the images in the gallery of this program can be seen only through this program. This program allows you to create multiple folders to store images.

Keepsafe Vault is a serious competitor to Vaulty software. This free software has similar capabilities for encrypting, encrypting and using passwords for files. It also lets you back up your images to the cloud.

Hide Something is another powerful way to hide your images behind PINs and passwords and back up all your images to Google Drive.

Sharing images, not showing this app in the list of recently opened apps are the hallmarks of this free app.

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