How Android detects its speed status before connecting to a WiFi network
detects its speed

How Android detects its speed status before connecting to a WiFi network

How Android detects its speed

Google recently introduced a new feature in Android 8.1 Orio that shows how well a public Wi-Fi network works (before you connect to it). Using simple terms like slow, good, fast, and very fast, this feature lets you quickly decide if a network is worth the connection or better use the same mobile data connection.

How does Google determine the quality of a network?

Android relies on Usage & Diagnostics sharing capability to detect data status. When you connect your phone to an open network, the speed of that network (along with other information) is shared with Google. After a sufficient period of time after the person connects to this network, this information is shared with Google and it is possible to receive information to determine the speed and stability of the network .

After completing this step, the Network Ratings feature will be able to tell you at an acceptable level how well a network is performing before you connect to it (provided it is popular enough). Your neighborhood coffee shop may not be in this ranking, or it may take a long time to be on this list.

So is Google collecting data about me? I do not like this

In a world where sharing of personal information has become a serious concern, you can not guess how secure this feature can be, especially when it comes to sharing. The short answer to this question is that this data, like many other shared data, is anonymous. Google does not collect what you do when you connect to these public networks (although we have repeatedly warned you that you should not do anything confidential and personal when you connect to a public network) and only data Receives basic and necessary information.

Of course, the Usage & Diagnostics feature, which is used to collect network data, will get more than just network data. This is a very general data collection tool that helps Google improve the products and services it offers to everyone. This can include your battery level, how long the apps are open, and the quality and power of your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.

But in the end, if you still do not want to have this kind of relationship with Google, fortunately using this feature is optional.

How to disable Usage & Diagnostics Sharing

To turn off Usage & Diagnostics Sharing Open your phone’s Settings menu by dragging the notification bar and tapping the gear icon.

Find the Google section and click on it.

Then click on the three dots icon at the top right of the screen and select Usage & Diagnostics.

Set the slider on this page to off to finish. Information will no longer be shared from your phone, but you can still enjoy all the benefits of information shared by other users, such as network rankings.

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