How to access Yahoo emails via Gmail ?

access Yahoo emails via Gmail
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How to access Yahoo emails via Gmail ?

Today, Google’s products are at the top of the list. And Yahoo’s popularity and popularity have been declining for some time.

It must have happened to you that you want to check your different emails.

But transferring between different email accounts is difficult and time consuming for you.

And it’s worth noting that accessing Gmail is much easier and faster than Yahoo!

And an interesting feature that Aloe Computer discusses in this article is that Gmail allows you to:

Easily send and receive your Yahoo emails in Gmail.

You can send and receive your Yahoo emails using Gmail.

To do this you need to make the following settings in Gmail:

Tip: You must have a Yahoo email address .

Click the Gmail settings gear button.
Select Settings from the menu that opens.

Open the Accounts and Import tab.

In the Check mail from other accounts section, select the Add a mail account option.

Enter the full Yahoo email address in the field and click Next.


Note: It is best to use the Gmailify option to manage your Yahoo account via Yahoo Mail or Gmail.

Note: Gmailify does not require a Yahoo Mail Pro subscription.

Before launching Gmailify in 2016, you could not send or receive Yahoo Mail messages through your Gmail account without subscribing to Yahoo!

Enter your username and password on the Yahoo Email login page.

Set permissions, then select the Agree button .

In the You’ve been Gmailified window, select Close .

How to access Yahoo… emails via Gmail?

In Gmail, go to Settings  >  Accounts and Import .

Check that the settings are configured as you intended.

**  By default, Gmail responds to all messages from your Gmail address.

To change these settings, go to the Send mail as section and select the reply from the same message address.

Return to this page at any time to unsubscribe from your Yahoo Mail account. When you choose to unsubscribe from your Yahoo Mail address, you can save or delete the incoming mail from your Yahoo Mail account.

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