How to browse anonymously on Android
browse anonymously

How to browse anonymously on Android

browse anonymously

You no longer have to worry about the eyes that look at you online. We show you apps and settings that allow you to browse anonymously on Android.

You may not want anyone looking at you when you connect to the Internet on your phone or tablet. But the fact is that all your activities on the Internet are monitored by many enthusiastic groups. To avoid monitoring by various groups and individuals are ways that helps Bhshma platform Android as anonymous on the Internet turn around.

Private browsing = not private

The most obvious place to start is the browser you are currently using. Many browsers offer some kind of incognito or private mode that will make any site you visit come to mind. But apparently this is not the case.

Although your web searches will not be stored on your Android phone or tablet , they will still be visible to your ISP, the website you are visiting, or employees who use the same Internet connection at work.

Additionally, any downloads you make will remain in the Downloads folder even after you have finished browsing , so it is best to delete them manually.

If your decision is to keep your work a secret from other family members then private modes are appropriate. Otherwise it is not a good option.

How to enable private mode in the browser

If you are looking for a little privacy we teach you to enable incognito mode in Android web browser .


In Chrome, go to the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

After clicking on it, select New incognito tab from the menu that opens. Now the browser frame is darkened and at the top of the screen and in the status bar you will see an icon in the form of a small hat with glasses.

Microsoft Edge

In the Microsoft Edge browser, scroll to the three dots in the lower right corner of the screen, then select the New InPrivate tab from the options that appear.

Firefox Focus

While Firefox privacy mode, but we recommend Bhshma to a different app called ” Firefox focus ” (Firefox Focus), which has always been in private mode download.

But what is the safest web browser for Android?

All the popular and popular browsers you know have a private mode, but there are also browsers that are rooted in protecting your privacy and anonymity online.

One of the most popular in this area is StartPage, whose data collection policy is “zero-data”. This means that StartPage does not store any information about you, not even your IP address.

This browser uses SSL encryption so your ISP does not know what you are searching for and the entire browsing history is anonymous to protect you. StartPage browser is completely free.

Other good options include  Orbot: Tor for Android , and if you want to prevent sites from tracking you,  Ghostery or  DuckDuckGo are good options.

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