How to clean Android device from viruses?


clean Android device from viruses

If your Android phone is slow, it may be infected with a virus

Rarely do we find a virus written for Android, but there is a virus for Android anyway. If for some time your Android phone has been behaving strangely but you can not find a reason for it, in this article we will tell you what to do.

Usually when running Android in virus infected device’s functionality is greatly reduced. But another sign of Android becoming infected with the virus while working with the browser and web browsing. Your device may be infected with a virus when you are suddenly redirected to immoral sites when you enter a site or encounter unnecessary pop-ups .

In such cases, the best way is to clear the browser cache. To clear the browser cache, you can either use the settings inside the browser or go to Apps & Notifications> Chrome> Storage> Clear Cache.

This is much easier to do than resetting the system. Another effective method to reset the machine when faced with a virus for Android to be. To do this, go to Settings> System> Reset Options> Erase All Data.

But sometimes there may be other things happening in the background that you are unaware of.

The fact is that Android viruses are very rare. A device that behaves strangely is often not because of malware but because of extra and unused files that are constantly growing. Increasing such files within Android will eventually slow down the device (in these cases, a factory reset can also help).

However, the virus for Android to exist and it is likely that the phone or tablet Android that you are infected with malicious software and is incurred. Malware can be caused by installing applications other than the official sources of Android applications , such as the Google Play Store or Bazaar. Of course, the Play Store is not always clean and free of such apps.

For example, in September of this year, it was confirmed that the Joker malware had been downloaded more than 500,000 times from Google Play Store. The Joker virus was found in 24 apps, although infected apps have now been removed from the Play Store.

Android anti-virus apps like Bitdefender Mobile Security are not necessary, but they can help you relax by monitoring your activities.

How to clean your Android device from viruses

Android antivirus programs may be able to detect and remove the virus  , but if you know when the problem started, you can manually remove the malicious app yourself. First of all, you must enter Safe mode. In Safe mode, all third-party apps stop running. If you do not see anything to access Safe mode in the Power Options menu, hold down the volume down button while rebooting the phone . If you see the Safe mode option in the lower left corner of the page, it means that you have done your job correctly.

Go to the Settings section and select the Apps & Notifications menu. Scroll to the bottom of the list and look for suspicious apps that may be causing these problems. Anything you do not remember downloading or that does not look like a real Android service can be suspicious. Click on the app name to enter the information page.

If the app is not part of the pre-installed apps, you should see the Uninstall button at the top of the screen. If possible, touch the Uninstall button. If the color is gray, the app has probably given itself Administrator permissions. You can remove these permissions by going to Settings> Security & Location> Device Admin Apps.

After deleting the virus from Android phone or tablet, you must restart the device to exit Safe Mode.

Now suppose you did all this, but your Android phone or tablet is still slow. This could be due to an older device or a new software update that is not very compatible with your device and has slowed down your Android phone or tablet .

Avoid the next Android viruses and malware

If you are not sure, do not download any apps outside of Google Play

If you are not sure, do not download any apps outside of Google Play

This mode must be disabled by default. In recent versions of Android, the ability to install apps whose sources are unknown has changed from a system license to an application-specific license. To access it you can go to Apps & Notifications> Advanced> Special App Access> Install unknown apps.

Avoid cloning apps

In 99% of cases, you can safely download the apps you want from within Google Play, but in many cases it has been observed that the apps inside Google Play themselves contain malicious code. Avoid downloading apps cloned by anonymous developers.

Check app permissions

Regardless of where you download the app, be sure to check the required permissions before installing. Never allow apps to access the admin level, as it will not be possible to delete them. Does the movie player need access to your audience list? Additionally, you can read reviews online and visit the developer’s website to see if they are valid.

Keep Android up to date

Keep Android up to date

Not necessarily always the latest version of Android for Android that you are not available, but if you have the latest version, make sure to update your device.

Install antivirus

You do not need to install antivirus on Android . But installing it can give you peace of mind.

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