How to connect a printer to two computers
connect a printer

How to connect a printer to two computers

connect a printer to two computers

Companies can turn two different workstations into one printer using a side switch (a device that connects multiple computers to one peripheral at the same time) or homegroup (the ability to network and share resources in Windows). Connect. Using one of these methods, employees can access the printer from any computer they need.

Users can install a side switch on a local printer (most useful when the printer does not support Wi-Fi) and connect computers to it via a USB cable and go through the operating system setup steps to share the two Or connect multiple computers to one printer.

Printer sharing steps

1. Connect the printer to a computer (preferably a desktop computer) with a USB cable.

2. Install the software that came with the printer on the computer to which it is connected. On Start | Control Panel | Hardware and Sound | Click Devices and Printers.

3. Right-click on the icon for this printer and select Printer properties.

4. Now select the Sharing tab. Check the Share This Printer option, and if you want to change the default name of the shared device, do so here. Then click the OK button.

5. Click Back to return to the Control Panel page. Now click on Network and Internet and select HomeGroup.

6. Click Create a HomeGroup and follow the instructions on the page to share the printer on the network. Write down the password created.

7. Log in to the second computer and select HomeGroup from the Control Panel.

8. Click the Join now button and follow the instructions on the page to connect to another computer.

9. Now go back to the Control Panel page and click on Devices and Printers and then select Add a printer.

10. Select Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer and then click on The printer that I want isn’t listed.

11. Select the Select a shared printer by name option and then click Browse. Select the second computer and click Select.

12. Double-click the shared printer and then select Next. Follow the remaining instructions to complete the installation process.

Local printer

1. Install software on each computer with a peripheral switch.

2. Turn off the printer and computer.

3. Connect the printer to the side switch using the USB cable.

4. Connect each of the two computers to the side switch using a USB cable to connect them to each other.

5. If the side switch uses a power supply, connect it. Then turn on the printer and both computers.

6. Follow the instructions in the switchbook to establish a connection between the computers. Some switches use a physical button to perform certain functions, while others require a software command key.

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