How to connect a USB keyboard to an Android phone?


Connect a physical keyboard to an Android phone

With powerful electronic devices such as laptops and desktops with widescreen displays, Android devices have been able to replace traditional devices for day-to-day tasks such as taking notes, scheduling appointments, and even banking. Despite all the advances in the world of the Android operating system, and even the extraordinary advancement of the internal components of these devices, Android phones and tablets are still a few steps behind their traditional competitors. You have a hard time typing, especially long typing on Android-based devices.

There are several virtual keyboards for the Android operating system, most of which I have tested. Gboard is my favorite with the various gestures it offers, but I can still type with a physical keyboard three times faster than a Gboard keyboard. Typing on a thumbnail-sized page doesn’t help much when speed is the norm. To solve this problem, you need to go to physical keyboards that can connect to mobile devices. Connecting a physical keyboard to an Android mobile device is a good alternative to a desktop environment. Users of Android phones and tablets have three options: USB keypad and Bluetooth keypad, along with wireless keypad to connect the physical keypad to the Android device.

Wireless keyboards have the advantage that they are powered by a pair of semi-automatic batteries, and all you have to do is connect the wireless keypad dongle via the OTG converter to the phone.

Bluetooth keyboards are easier to connect to a phone or tablet, and all you have to do is turn on Bluetooth on the two devices to recognize each other and connect. Bluetooth keyboard batteries provide the necessary power. In some cases, the Bluetooth keyboard can be used for up to 40 days without the need to recharge the Android device. Of course, it is also possible to connect this model of keyboard to a computer, provided that your computer has a Bluetooth dongle.

Traditional keyboards also connect to a tablet phone via an OTG cable, which of course receives its power from the mobile device.

You only need one OTG cable

The port of all Android devices is smaller than the port and USB connection cable. That’s why we need a device called a USB converter, also called a USB dongle, to connect a keyboard to an Android device. These dongles are available in different sizes and shapes. Before going to the relevant dongle, you should first look at the back of your tablet or Android phone to choose the right dongle. If your phone is old, you will need a traditional OTG converter with one end connected to the phone and the other end to the keyboard.

How to connect a USB keyboard to an Android phone?

If you are using a new model phone, you need a USB-C converter or the same type. Make sure you buy the right converter for your phone.

How to connect a USB keyboard to an Android phone?

These conversions, depending on the brand and brand you buy, have a price in the range of 10 to 60 thousand tomans. For example, if you really buy the original conversion of Samsung, the price is close to 40 thousand tomans, but the counterfeit samples that are marketed with the Samsung logo are much less expensive.

Note : OTG converters are available in both dongle and wired formats on the market.

Regardless of the conversion you choose, all conversions do the same thing. They identify your USB keyboard for an identifiable Android device so that the keys typed by the device can be identified.

Set up an external USB keyboard for Android

Once you have connected your keyboard to the device, you should spend two minutes configuring it. The configuration is simple and not complicated. Follow the steps below to configure.

1. Enter the phone settings.

2. Select the General Management option.

How to connect a USB keyboard to an Android phone?

3. Select the Language and input option.

4. Select the Physical keyboard option.

How to connect a USB keyboard to an Android phone?

5. At the bottom of the section related to the keyboard you have connected, you must select the keyboard template based on each of the keyboard apps you have installed on your Android device. Note that if you want to use your keyboard in English, select the English (US) option, if you want to use the Persian language to type, you must select the desired options to be able to type in Persian.

How to connect a USB keyboard to an Android phone?

You can now open any application you like and type in it.

Here are some important tricks to keep in mind

Android supports most special keys on a keyboard, which in some cases allow things to be done faster than when you touch the screen. For example, the Home, End, Page up, Page down, and Delete buttons work properly.

The proper functioning of these keys will help you a lot, especially when you are typing in word processing environments. The Enter key also works properly, allowing you to go to the next lines. The Print Screen key also works properly, allowing you to take a desktop-like shot.

Due to the fact that it is difficult to take pictures of Android on some phones, this mechanism has simplified the work even more. The Windows key has its own function depending on the version of Android you are using. On the Galaxy S8, for example, it runs the Google Assistant button above. The function of the multimedia keys depends on your luck!

In general, if you use your computer keyboard to connect to an Android phone, most keys are available, but if you use a keyboard for tablets or phones, try to use a keyboard compatible with your brand to make sure all keys work properly. I also suggest using a wireless keyboard so that the phone battery does not drain quickly.

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