How to connect two computers with Ethernet cable
connect two computers

How to connect two computers with Ethernet cable

connect two computers with Ethernet cable

One of the most basic ways to share files and other resources between two computers is to connect them directly to each other via cable. But you can’t use a regular Ethernet cable to do this. Instead, you need a crossover Ethernet cable with CAT 5 or higher.

To connect two computers to each other, you must use an Ethernet crossover cable with CAT 5 or higher standard, which can be found in all computer hardware stores. Crossover cables are quite similar in appearance to ordinary Ethernet cables, except that the two ends of several pairs of wires are connected inversely. Therefore, pay attention to this issue when preparing the cable.

1. Connect one end of the crossover Ethernet cable to the Ethernet adapter port of the first computer.

2. Connect the other end of the cable to the second computer. The connection indicator light on both the network adapters of the computers should start flashing.

3. Log in to one of the computers.

4. Click on the Start menu and type Network and Sharing Center in the search box. After the Network and Sharing Center option appears in the search results, click on it.

5. Depending on the system status, double-click on one of the Multiple networks or Unidentified network options. This icon is displayed at the top of the page below View your basic network information and set up connections.

6. Double-click on the computer icon marked with the name of your second computer to access its files and resources.

7. If necessary, repeat steps 3 to 6 on the second computer.


Installing a second network card on one of the computers allows you to have an Internet connection on both machines. You can also create an additional physical Ethernet link with another computer using a second network card.

At first glance, it is difficult to tell the difference between a crossover Ethernet cable and a standard one. If in doubt as to what type of cable you have, place both ends (connectors) of the cable together so that the locking pin faces the ground. Now compare the colors of the wires. The color of the wires on both ends of a standard Ethernet cable from left to right is: white / orange, orange, white / green, blue, white / blue, green, white / brown, and brown. In a crossover cable, the wiring is not unique and one end of the cable is colored like this, from left to right: white / green, green, white / orange, blue, white / blue, orange, white / brown, Brown.

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