How to delete WhatsApp chats and conversations

delete WhatsApp chats
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delete WhatsApp chats

If the list of chats and groups in your WhatsApp has increased and you do not know how to delete extra chats, this article is for you.

Delete individual chats in WhatsApp

  1. In the dialog, drag the chat you want to delete to the left.
  2. Tap More> Delete Conversation> Delete Conversation.

Or, tap Edit in the top corner of the conversation tab> Select the chat you want to delete> Delete> Delete conversation.

Delete group chat in WhatsApp

To delete a group chat, you must first leave the group:

  • In the Conversations tab, drag the group conversation you want to delete left or right, depending on the language settings.
  • Tap More> Exit Group> Exit Group.
  • Drag a group conversation to the left> Delete group> Delete group.

Delete all WhatsApp chats at once

  1. Go to Settings> Conversations> Delete All Conversations.
  2. Enter your phone number> tap Delete all conversations.

Individual conversations will be removed from the conversation tab. However, group conversations will remain visible in the conversation tab, and you will remain a part of them until you leave them.

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