How to delete your Gmail account from your Android device


delete your Gmail account from your Android device

The only way to delete a Gmail account from your Android device is to delete the Google Account associated with it. You can prevent new Gmail emails from being synced, but if you try to delete a Google Account from your Android device, you will miss out on other services, including Google Maps, Google Play Store, and other related apps.

Deleting your Google Account means that other services, such as Google Maps, Google Play Store, and other related apps, will also be unavailable. To re-access these apps, you must add another Google Account to your Android device or have a second Google Account that you have already signed in to.

An alternative to deleting a Google Account is to prevent new Gmail emails from being synced . This will prevent your inbox from being updated on your mobile device, and you can still use your account for other purposes.

Disable Gmail Sync

Before you begin, you should know that the steps to access the Settings menu of your device depending on the version of Android you are using may differ from the method stated in this article. The steps described below work on Android 9 and later.

Go to the Settings section of your device by clicking on the app in the app drawer or by dragging down the notification bar and clicking on the gear icon.

On the Settings screen, find and press Accounts or Accounts and Backup (depending on the name of your device). Note that on some devices you may need to tap on an additional Accounts menu to be able to access and manage your various accounts.

Find and tap your Google Account to access specific settings for this account. Now select Sync Account or Account Sync.

Find the Gmail sync settings and turn it off.

Turn off Gmail notifications

You will also have the option to disable notifications from your Gmail account instead of disabling syncing .

Open the Gmail app, tap the hamburger menu icon in the left corner of the screen to access the side menu. Then scroll down and tap Settings.

Find your account and click on it. In the Account Settings section, select Notifications.

Change the status of notifications from All to None. If you want to see notifications about your important emails, you can select the High Priority Only option.

If you select None, you will no longer receive notifications from your Gmail account , but new emails will still be sent to you silently.

Delete Gmail account

If you decide to delete your Gmail account from your device, you can do so in a few simple steps. You usually do this when you want to transfer to a brand new Gmail account or transfer your device to someone else.

To do this, go to the Settings section of your device by dragging down the notification bar and clicking on the gear icon.

In the settings menu, find Accounts or Accounts and Backup (depending on the name of your device) and tap on it.

Find your Google Account and press it to open your account settings. Then tap Remove Account to start the process.

You will be asked to confirm this once more by clicking the Remove Account button.

After that, your Gmail account will be deleted from the device and you will no longer be able to access it in the Gmail app or any other service from Google.

Delete your Gmail account remotely

If your Android device is stolen or lost, it is possible to delete your account online through Google Account settings remotely. To do this you will need another device such as a computer.

Sign in to your Google Account on another device via a web browser . In the left menu, click on Security.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Manage Devices link in your Devices section.

You will see a list of devices on which you have entered your Google Account. Click on your lost device and then click the Remove button in the Account Access section.

You will then receive a warning message asking you to click the Remove button to confirm the deletion of your account.

After clicking the Remove button, you will receive a confirmation message saying that your account has been deleted from the device.

Technically, this will log your Google account out of the device and your account will not be completely deleted.

Deleting an account from an Android device is necessary when you have lost your device or you want to sell it. You do not need to delete the previous account if you want to add a second account to your device. You can add as many Google Accounts as you want to your device.

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