How to disable annoying messages while listening to music on Android

annoying messages

disable annoying messages With the help of a task automation application

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl Gray. This is not to be expected, especially if you have a variety of applications installed on your device.

You can stop this app message by enabling silent mode or DND. But in an age when everything is automated, doing so seems too manual and repetitive. But there is another alternative and that is to use an application called MacroDroid.

MacroDroid is an Android automation application that can be used to automate daily tasks on Android.

How to disable annoying messages while listening to music on Android?

Step 1. First of all, first download and install the MacroDroid app on your Android phone. Unlike many task automation apps on Android, you do not need to root your phone to use this app.

Step 2. After installing, run this application and grant it the necessary permissions. Then click Add Macro.

Step 3. Now scroll to the bottom of the page and tap Device Events.

Step 4. In this step you have to select the Music / Sound Playing option.

Step 5. In the box that appears, select the Started option.

Step 6. Now go to the Actions tab and select Volume.

Step 7. Under the Volume section, select the Priority Mode / Do Not Disturb option and issue the necessary permissions.

Step 8. In the next box that appears, select the Allow Priority Notifications option.

Your job is done. Now you can automatically turn off incoming messages whenever you listen to music. To disable DND via MacroDroid, reset the changes you made to the app.

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