Can you eat more and lose weight?

Yes, with the volume diet provided by Barbara Rolls , you can eat a lot and lose weight at the same time. Unlike deprivation-based diets, a high-volume diet helps you eat healthier foods while losing weight .

The volume diet focuses on feeling full. Rolls says people feel full based on the type and amount of food they eat, not on the amount of calories or grams of fat, protein or carbohydrates consumed. So to lose weight, it is better to eat foods that have fewer calories but more satiety.

Rolls claims that in some cases, a high-volume diet allows you to eat more and gain less weight at the same time .

You do not lose weight fast with this diet. This diet is more of a long-term plan.

You can achieve weight loss by setting daily calories and exercising daily. You lose weight by feeling full of fewer calories.

What can you eat and what can you not eat?

You can eat anything on this diet, but you have to pay attention to the “energy density” which is the amount of calories in a certain amount of food. High-density foods have high calories and low volume, but low-energy foods have fewer calories and more volume.

Rolls divides foods into four categories:

  1. The first group includes “free” or “anytime” fruits, starch-free vegetables (such as broccoli , tomatoes, mushrooms ) and watery soups.
  2. Group 2 includes reasonable amounts of whole grains (such as brown rice and pasta), lean protein, legumes, and low-fat dairy.
  3. Group 3 includes small portions of foods such as breads, desserts, low-fat cooked snacks, high-fat cheese and meat.
  4. Group 4 includes portions of fried foods, candies, cookies, nuts and fats.

You eat three meals a day, two snacks and one dessert.

The volume diet relies heavily on high-water foods, such as fruits and vegetables, because they satiate without adding too many calories. Rolls says drinking water alone is not enough, because it quenches your thirst, but it does not quench your hunger.

Alcohol is allowed in moderation, but keep in mind that alcohol is high in calories and does not satisfy hunger.

  • Effort level: Low
  • Limitations: You should pay attention to the energy of the foods you choose. For example, the calories in a large bowl of soup equals one-sixth of a cheeseburger. The choice is yours: Which do you prefer, and if you choose a cheeseburger, can you stop eating after eating a half or two? If you follow this recipe, you will need a lot of time to prepare the food and you will need to calculate the energy density.
  • Cooking and Shopping: Buying food on this diet is easy. Rolls books contain recipes, including high-water foods such as soups, kebabs and fruit desserts. The recipes are fat-free, butter, eggs and cream, and instead use low-fat milk, egg whites, yogurt and potatoes.
  • Personal meetings: No.
  • Exercise: Add 150 steps a day to your daily routine. The first goal is to reach 1000 steps by the end of the week. The ultimate goal is to take 10,000 steps a day.

Does this diet have dietary restrictions or food preferences?

This diet is flexible enough for vegetarians and those who need to limit salt and fat.

What else do you need to know about this diet?

Cost: Do not go beyond the food you buy

Support: You can do this diet alone.

Kathleen Zelmann, MPH, RD, says of this diet:

Is this diet effective?

totally. This is a nutritious and sensible diet that every nutritionist recommends: Reduce calories and unhealthy fats, with lots of high-fiber vegetables and fruits.

Rolls has credit. He is Professor of Nutrition and Director of Nutrition Science at Pennsylvania State University. He has also written more than 200 research papers. The volume diet is mainly based on research conducted in his laboratory and is consistent with comprehensive scientific evidence.

This diet is more of a lifestyle change that helps you make wiser food choices and helps you lose weight permanently and in the long run.

Is this diet good for certain diseases?

Volumetric diet is suitable for many diseases and also causes weight loss.

Weight loss will be followed by diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep apnea , osteoarthritis and more. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.

Talk to your doctor before using this diet.

The last word

A diet based on foods that are high in water and low in energy is a great strategy for relieving hunger and consuming fewer calories. The volume diet teaches you how to choose the best food with the least calories without being deprived of any food.

This diet plan is suitable for those who want a healthy but flexible diet. There are also recommendations for people who eat fast food. This diet is suitable for people who like to cook and offers you delicious recipes aimed at losing weight.

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